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Your Trust is our care
IBS (est. 1986) is an independent, privately owned software company based in Switzerland.The firm specializes in providing software solution for the financial industry with internationally operating clients.
Our Clients

Clients of IBS include publicly and privately held companies, private equity funds, hedge funds, private banking institutes and family offices. 
IBS offices are based in Lugano, Switzerland. Thanks to its multicutural background, IBS is able to relate in English, Italian, French and German. All our software products produce reports in the above four languages (others can be custom defined), whereas the GUI is solely in English.

How does IBS work?

IBS aims to be considered as a software boutique.
Its strengths are the skills, know-how and long-standing experience of its staff, who have been trained over many years to provide a personal, efficient and high quality service. Because our clients are the firm's raison d'etre, IBS provides them with personal service.
Senior management - which comprises the firm's partners - is personally involved with the handling of the clients' businesses, thereby making its experience directly available and ensuring continuity in the provision of services.
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