Hedge Fund Banking and family offices Software

We are local!
We are local and near to you.
The offices are based in Switzerland. Due to the international background of its employees, IBS is able to communicate in English, French, German and Italian.
Business Model

All our software is rent at yearly basis. IBS-PAMS can be installed in one hour and you are ready-to-go in few days. We only ask you to determine the goals you want to achieve, the rest is our job. Fill our contact form and ask for an estimation bid.

Typical IBS Projects
Equipped with a powerful blend of features, our products supports a variety of financial institutions ranging from large banks to small high efficient family offices.
We are different!
We are accountants, thus for us Information Technology is a facility, and for you?


We focus on people, needs and outcomes applying our methodology to your projects.

Software Artisans

Our IT department develops software solutions under the guidance of our senior software architects, all with financial background.

Software updates are released after a full test performed by internal users. The GUI (graphical user interface) and Reports are designed by users for users.